Ooc: new bed and my wall of hot dads and their twink

Ooc: new bed and my wall of hot dads and their twink

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so my net went off during my tinychat and i just got it back. I’ll beable to host another sometime next week to make up for this one so keep an eye out



come and join

if it asks for a pw it is crocket

Also be a bit before i’m active i need to get my cosplay unpacked still

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3 hours till tinychat

just a reminder link coming soon though

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Just a reminder that I will have a tinychat tomorrow at 8 p.m. Central Time

I will also have another one to benefit those that live in different time zones it need it just let me know when you prefer!

(Btw bloggin at work os hard lol)

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Hey everyone before the tinychat tomorrow i want to do more asks, so please flood me with asks.

AS WELL sense i’m free if you want to know anything about the person in the cosplay, feel free to send me some asks as well.

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Tinychat Wednesday

So i hit 700 followers! I’m going to be doing a Tinychat this wednesday at around 8 PM Central time! I’ll post a link to the tinychat when i start up that day!

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The tf2 photoshoot was a lot of fun!! Here are a couple group shots from today! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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As promised a nice little tf2 video from the con for all of you.

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Swim Fortress pre shoot final part plus scout’s derp face

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