The tf2 photoshoot was a lot of fun!! Here are a couple group shots from today! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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As promised a nice little tf2 video from the con for all of you.

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Swim Fortress pre shoot final part plus scout’s derp face

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Pre-Swim Fortress photoshoot

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Tf2 Main shoot part 1

if you see yourself send me an ask and i’ll tag you on request!

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Pssst, so I submitted my TF2 designs (5 total so far. Working on more!) to be possible Valve merch. If you like them, go vote for them please! c:

OOC: Hey vote up this shirt. I’ve worn the mann co one before on this blog and i’d love to help out my friend get this happening and for all you to get one of your own as well so help out!

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Home from the con. Soon to spam you with pictures and video

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Getting ready for the swim fortress meetup

Getting ready for the swim fortress meetup

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