planing for a big update next week and a few announcements.  Just giving you guys a little update to know i’m around and well…waiting for a day off to give you some news~

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Anonymous said: Would you be okay with people using your gifs as reactions?

OOC: ABSOLUTELY! It’s one of my dreams to actually see post using me as react gifs. Well that’s one dream next to being a special guest to a con. But yes! I encourage you all to use any of my gifs you like for your personal use. Because honestly no one can really take the credit for it because well….it’s my face and my costume in the gifs so it will always be related back to me!

Just do at least credit me, crocketingsolly or redsolly, in the tag line or link back to my page with the gif.

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Anonymous said: Hey Solly, have you ever thought of making personalize gifs for people and charge it through paypal or something?

OOC: Never. But the reason why is it’d defeat the point of this blog. I’m not doing this for profit, but for fun.

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hay-plays said: Does Scout ever smoke cigars like Soldier?

nah he aint MANN enough. Plus he’s a weenie.

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devilinaredblouse said: Oh my god, Soldier! General Patton and Tsun Zu are in the middle of a caged death match! Who do you root for?!

Can’t we throw in some BLU jerk n cheer for both of em?

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missuzyq said: Can you show me how to fold the American flag?

Get me a military grade flag and I will show you until you can do it with out even thinkin!

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pixelgamer07 said: I'm dying to know: What did you do with that bucket?


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rexcaliburr said: Did you seriously leave 7 witnesses?

That’s all scout’s fault, he got in our way! He just knocked em out n we thought they were dead.

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so work kicked my butt so i didn’t get to post before and on the 4th….so tonight i’ma make up for that. also send me a lot of asks!!

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going to do ask tonight. It might be late tonight but go ahead and flood me.

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